5 essential elements to make guests feel welcome in your home

June 21, 2014

Weather you are having a party or simply having a friend over for a cocktail, follow these simple steps to make your home feel welcoming and polished.


1. Light one of these terrific candles an hour before your guest(s) arrive. It will fill your home with clean cozy scent and please the senses right away.


2.Open a few windows while you are prepping for your visitor(s), fresh air  in a home will imply cleanliness.


3. Turn the TV off! When someone arrives to your house having television on detours from social interaction.


4. Display your art,fashion,music,photography,travel,and design books proudly!! They encourage thoughtful conversation and show off your personality.


5. Give a tour of your home.  When folks don’t know the lay of the land,  your space can seem off limits and unfamiliar. Give a quick tour of your home/apartment to your guest(s) , make sure to point out your most special items.




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