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How do I display my collections with out a big old mess?

June 24, 2014

Dear Emily,

My Husband and I both love to collect trinkets and photographs, but every time I walk into my home all I see is a big mess and the small items end up getting dusty.  How do I show my collections off with out the mess?? HELP!



Malibu CA


Hello Abby,

Now this is a great question! Most of us wonder the same thing. I love being in someones home where I can easily see what they love, however, clutter is awful! Here are some great ways to show off the goods with out looking like a hoarder.

Keep in touch,



Look how cute these tiny toy collections become in a metal mesh letter!

E - balls.jpg

A - cars.jpg


A great way to show off tiny items like thimbles, shells, rocks, fortune cookie fortunes, tiny figures etc…


This works because they are all organized by color.


If you have the space, this is an idea I LOVE for your photography.



And this works because its containerized…



Q & A: Emily when is the right time to hire an interior designer?

May 3, 2014
Q: Emily,When is  the right time to hire an interior designer? – Sara 

A: Hi Sara,
 There are two times that are terrific opportunities to hire a designer. First , when you move into a new home and are looking to create a certain environment and are not quite sure how to achieve that look. The other , when you have lived in a home for a while and you have either  acquired too much stuff and just don’t know what to do with it all ,or when your home starts to feel dated and you just need a nice refresh.
– Emily

Q&A: How should I choose a paint color palette for my home?

April 26, 2014
Q: How do I choose a paint color pallet for my home?

A: If I were there I would ask, what season do you love? Where do you like to vacation? What types of food do eat? All of these are important questions because they point out how and where you are comfortable.
– Emily

Q&A: How do I choose where to place furniture in my home?

April 23, 2014
Q: How do I choose where to place furniture in my home?

A: When I enter a home I always like to imagine that I am there for a fabulous party, I always want to make sure that the furniture is placed properly to encourage social interaction and conversation. No matter what the size of the room the furniture spacing should feel intimate. My biggest pet peeve regarding placement is when furniture is lining the walls, it makes a room seem cold and completely unplanned.
– Emily

Q&A: How to showcase your collections

April 21, 2014
Q: I have collections that I would like to display, but they always look messy. Do I keep things in a box? Or can I have them out?

A: Collections need to be placed very intentionally and contained. If they are tiny little nick knacks can they be put in a frame? Or on a specific shelf? Is there a way to place them in a sparse area that is otherwise simple?  The point being that if it is a collection it should be in a subtle non cluttered area that will accentuate your treasures with out looking messy.
– Emily

Q&A: What size area rug should I buy?

April 20, 2014
Q: What size area rug should I buy?

A: Ideally an area rug will be the anchor under all of your furniture in the room. if the area rug is too small for the space, the furniture will look like it is floating.
– Emily