How do I display my collections with out a big old mess?

June 24, 2014

Dear Emily,

My Husband and I both love to collect trinkets and photographs, but every time I walk into my home all I see is a big mess and the small items end up getting dusty.  How do I show my collections off with out the mess?? HELP!



Malibu CA


Hello Abby,

Now this is a great question! Most of us wonder the same thing. I love being in someones home where I can easily see what they love, however, clutter is awful! Here are some great ways to show off the goods with out looking like a hoarder.

Keep in touch,



Look how cute these tiny toy collections become in a metal mesh letter!

E - balls.jpg

A - cars.jpg


A great way to show off tiny items like thimbles, shells, rocks, fortune cookie fortunes, tiny figures etc…


This works because they are all organized by color.


If you have the space, this is an idea I LOVE for your photography.



And this works because its containerized…


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