National Painting Week

May 11, 2015

Color is so individual. Some of us like the earth tones, some of us like the cooler tones better. Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week is the perfect opportunity to discover you inner designer, as there are so many incredible ideas to inspire you! Visit for more details. Our taste in color represents our current style and state of mind. I always like to make a room feel fresh and want my clients to feel productive in the spaces I design. This room was a muddy dim color that didn’t bring out any of the natural beauty of the space. My first step? I head straight to and checked out all my options using the Color Visualizer , and I can actually see the room done! Genius!  The simplicity of black and white that I chose can make all the difference in the world, and yet it has to be the right black and the right white.  I used Sherwin-Williams Caviar (SW 6990) in a high gloss for the moldings and doors and Sherwin Williams Luminous White (flat) to create light and depth in the space. I wanted to choose the perfect dark flooring color so we used Minwax, sold by Sherwin-Williams, in Ebony 2718 to make the floors as modern as the rest of the space. The end result? I created a space that feels fresh, modern, and yet cozy at the same time.

So how do you start? Here are 5 tips that can help you create your perfect space:

1. What is your favorite season? Knowing the time of year and the colors associated with it will help indicate the colors you are most attracted to and make you feel at home.

2. Lighting is everything! Do you have a lot of natural light? If so, lighter colors will expand your space even more, and darker colors will help it to feel a bit cozier. If you need to create a lightness in the space, use cooler tones on the walls and lighter furniture.

3. I am always asked “How do I accessorize properly? How do I get the room to feel ‘done?’” The art of knowing just how much to have in a room and where to stop is a delicate balance. I would suggest using books as a platform to showcase a few special collectables and or objects. You want to layer the room just enough and include a little bit of each family member’s personality.

4. How to choose a pop of color:

What is your favorite fruit or veggie? Sounds crazy, right? Just try this: Go to the grocery and pick up your favorite item from the produce section (I love pomegranates) cut it in half and notice all the incredible colors inside. From a pomegranate I would find raspberry, red, ivory and yellow, and they all match perfectly. Then go to and find those exact colors. BAM! Perfectly matched pops of color.

5. How do I place my furniture? I always design a room imagining a party. When people are over you want to make conversation as easy as possible. NEVER put all your furniture lining the walls. How could you talk to the person across from you? Impossible! Make sure to place all the items of furniture facing each other and close enough to have a chat with a great friend.

I received compensation from Sherwin-Williams for this post. All views, imagery and opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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